TelemarketingGet a Quote

The prime goal of each campaign will be down to you, whether we are focused on scheduling appointments or making the end contact aware of your company and the services/products you provide or asking them to sign up to your monthly newsletter. Whichever the end goal the minimum outcome of any campaign is that you will have good quality data to hand to continue promoting your company.

Event promotion

Maybe you have an event coming up that you need to make your clients aware of, let us contact them for you, confirm that person is still working for the company and send them the relevant details/invite.

Appointment scheduling

It could be that you need to get in front of potential clients to demonstrate your product or discuss your services but you’re struggling to secure these appointments. Let DGM work with you to schedule appointments for you and take the stress out of making those cold calls.

Market research

Do you have an idea for your next product/service but want to make sure that this is something your clients need or indeed would be interested in purchasing? Let DGM help you to do your market research and together we can decipher whether this will be your next great idea.

Data CleansingGet a Quote

We all know that in this day and age with people changing roles within their organisation or being made redundant, data does not remain accurate for very long. We say that usually you will need to update your records at the very least every 6 months. This is where we can help you, by running through a data cleansing exercise so that when you next come to run a marketing email campaign you will know that your data is as accurate as it can be.

Customer retentionGet a Quote

Not all companies understand the importance of making sure that their existing customers are happy. A happy customer will mean repeat business and referrals to other potential clients. DGM will contact your customers to ensure they are happy with their current product or service and feedback our findings, whether that is in the way of praise or criticism. At DGM we view the latter as “constructive feedback” enabling you to improve on your service. You never know these conversations could lead to the next new idea as we all know customers are usually the ones that come up with them.

Bespoke lead generationGet a Quote

We all know that there are a large number of companies out there that already sell data and nothing is easier than purchasing directly from them. What we are finding is that a number of our clients require very specific data that can’t be purchased off the internet, this is where DGM can help. We can compile data of any sort from any company, all we would need is for you to provide us with the criteria you are looking for and we will do the rest.